"And I said, 'Neat!'

Ace, she/her, 18, INFJ

I'm a graphic design student obsessed with Welcome to Night Vale.

You're welcome to add me on Skype (Retinasine) or Snapchat (MorningGuardian) or Twitter (tandemfatum)

"Tandem fatum" is Latin for "weird at last"

Ugh. How embarrassing."
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in case youre still looking for a decent drawing program


have you tried mypaint?

  • its free
  • its open source
  • works for windows, linux and mac
  • 90% of the window space is where you draw, no clunky and messed up menus
  • performance-wise
  • supports layers
  • the canvas is basically unlimited, the program automatically chooses a dimension for your picture when you save
  • easy (but not too limited) brush creation
  • overall fucking awesome


obligatory screenshot



Defense mechanism.

good eye! 31(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/5615499131c6b6948d42ce8468e7e142/tumblr_nd42bkvMHB1qzzelmo1_500(.)png


WHAAAAAT hey I got it right that’s neato

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is this a color code or something?

sounds like a pastel green to me

#ramblings#i don't know what it actually is but if it were to be a pastel green that would be hella



wow! look at all this asexual representation in comics!!! I’m beside myself in joy :)


At the beginning of the semester I wrote a narrative about how I came to terms with asexuality and one of the major points I made was that I felt like I was broken because I saw that in television, books, comics, video games, etc. everybody loved somebody and there was a good deal of sex involved in that. I can count all the asexual characters I’ve ever heard of on one hand: Sherlock Holmes, Bilbo Baggins, Rorschach, and (book version) Katniss Everdeen. I had never heard of asexuality before I came on Tumblr (which was another point I made, how an online community helped me to learn about and accept a major part of myself)



And there you have it. The main cast of Cookies and Crime. A few changes and a few new characters. And it should be noted that Redusa’s (previously Ori) name was Quillystuff’s idea. And Lemony is a character loosely based on Crypticsparrow’s OC. 

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firelord obama leads the fire nation’s first strike


firelord obama leads the fire nation’s first strike


in case you haven’t heard this today im glad youre alive and im proud that youve made it this far


Night Vale Inspires — Series 10. I think the series as a whole is really evolving and growing. Thank you for sticking with me all this time. ♥

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jfc I’m trying to write my final draft of my paper for Eng Comp but all the corrections the person who reviewed it made are wrong and I’m triple checking everything and I was right and I just keep finding things to get frustrated about instead of making corrections



i really hope that sometime in the future there’ll be pics of the whole night vale crew at dylan m’s wedding jfc that would be so cute

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she will go far in life



When the person who peer reviewed your essay marks all over the paper correcting things that weren’t wrong and marking MLA format as the wrong format


When the person who peer reviewed your essay spells your name wrong even though it’s typed on the essay

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cecil gershwin palmer


cecil gershwin palmer


#YE#YEYEYEYE#as soon as i get a spare moment#once the halloween art show is over and i dont have so much to do#i'm going to try to do some night vale hogwarts au